Data Centers

Data centers have long ago become the bank safe where all the clients data is kept and having a reliable and always available data center has become crucial to the bank livelihood. this fact raises many questions such as:

     • Is your data center UPTIME Tier certified?
     • Are you suffering form lack of capacity and space?
     • does your Data Center have the proper certification ?
     • is your fuel consumption too high and need optimization?
     • are you in need of a Data Center expansion and an upgrade?
     • are you suffering from lack of ownership between IT & facility teams?
       As International Gateway, we are keen to discuss all the above pain points and
       more and give you the right recommendations and future actions to undertake.

Lastly, crucial to notice that few IG Tech executives are Accredited Tier Design “ATD" Certified and force to note that Temenos as well as Abris are among IG Tech main Banking Partners.

Secure Documents


Dedicated Solutions To Secure Government, Healthcare, Financial, And Business Documents.

Manage fraud, reduce operational risk, and meet compliance with check, prescription, and document security solutions to protect printed information at the point of issue.

Create a secure printed document with TROY’s combination of software, hardware, and consumables. Specialty inks and toners, security software, and customized hardware gives you the tools to add personalized, on demand, layered security to your printed documents.

TROY solutions have been delivering trust, security, and reliability since 1963.

Check Printing

The most comprehensive MICR check printing solution on the market streamlines processes and protects checks from fraud.

Troy understands the complexity behind check printing and can help save time, money and make processes more efficient.

The total check printing solution includes HP printers that have been enhanced for secure check printing and the only original (OEM) HP MICR toner. Digital signatures, custom MICR fonts, and blank check stock help you reduce your fraud risks and save time so your staff can focus on more important tasks.

Prescription Printing

Prescription fraud is a growing concern. Add security to plain paper and meet or exceed CMS compliance with powerful software that works with your existing network laser printers and most EMRs.

Trusted by 20,000 physicians across 5,000 facilities to output more than 250 million prescriptions,

TROY’s prescription printing solution is the perfect complement to your ePrescribe imitative and replaces thermal printers or preprinted pads. Reduce theft risk and prescription fraud.

Vital Records

Easily protect birth, marriage, and death certificates with confidence. Countermeasures must be put in place to prevent document fraud, a growing epidemic.

Up to you to keep constituents protected, including their identities. This starts with protecting their vital records, such as birth, marriage, and death certificates.

This solution, available only to government entities, is simple yet highly effective. You can lock down the printer, the printer trays, and add anti-tamper features to each printed vital record to help prevent fraud. 

Fintech Secure Docs

International Gateway’s Partner namely Troy Group provides banking and financial institutions with turnkey solutions supported by extensive built-in fraud resistant features to secure and simplify the process of issuing payments both internally and externally.

Print and Protect Financial Documents from Fraud.

Troy Group understands that printing financial documents – travellers’ check, personal information forms, financial statements, stock certificates etc. – is the Financial Institution job while protecting customers from fraud is the latter’s responsibility.

To help secure any document printing process, Troy Group provide an anti-tampering security features including:

     • MICR Toner Secure – Fraud-resistant toner to eliminate tampering.
     • Paper Tray Locks – To eliminate unauthorized access to MICR printers.
     • Toner Sensing – To detect MICR toner and prevent printing specified features.

Digitalize and Streamline Your Check Printing Workflow.

What’s your check printing workflow? Does it involve traditional processes such as the use of preprinted stock or sending notifications to multiple users until it gets to a designated printer?

Traditional check printing processes are inefficient, waste resources, and are chaotic which makes them prone to fraud.

AssurePay Cloud provides you with the digital tools to create, authorize, print, and export checks using its intuitive, fraud-resistant interface.

Troy Group cloud-based application integrates security by design, automation, and signatory controls, to prevent check fraud. Streamlining your workflow simplifies the check printing process and provides other benefits, including:

     • On-demand Check Printing – Maximizes your check printing capabilities.
     • Reducing the Risk of Fraud – Ensures internal traceability and accountability.
     • Reduces Operational Costs – Eliminates total overhead cost & material waste.

Financial Institutions

Strategic alliances are key to the success and growth of any business. The Financial Sector is no different.

During these times of major changes in the Financial Spectrum and Consumer Trends, having the right strategy and the adequate infrastructure about what you want to offer your consumers, where you want to offer it and how fast can you adapt to oncoming changes are key.

Moreover, getting ready for the future is cumbersome, are you having problems in areas such as:

     • Have you the right Technology and Solutions Partners?
     • Do you lack Youth retention in the Bank's Customer Base?
     • Has the Maintenance of the IT Platform gone out of context?
     • Do you suffer from an endless Applications & Systems Spaghetti?
     • Are you restricted in technology to offer customers required products?

As International Gateway, we are keen to discuss all the above pain points and more and give you the right recommendations and future actions to undertake.

Satellite Connectivity

International Gateway is specialized in Satellite Connectivity VSAT Solutions & Teleport Services

International Gateway’s primary objective is to utilize an ever developed, state of the art infrastructures providing reliable satellite communication services enabling the transmission of Voice, Data, Internet and Video throughout Africa, the Middle East and CIS Countries covering all market segments particularly Internet and Data Service Providers, Mobile Operators, Broadcasters, International Organizations and NGOs.

Consultancy Services

Our experience of mature and emerging markets, combined with deep understanding of the structuring changes affecting the telecoms market, make us a valued partner for operators and governments.

In the ongoing digital revolution, IG and Partners assist customers’ digital transformation, boost their operational performance and service differentiation.

IG and Partners has developed highly innovative approaches to specific challenges such as customer experience management, B2B, smart services, security, m-banking, e-government and change management.

Deep Packet Inspection

International Gateways’ Technical Partner embedded deep packet inspection and traffic intelligence products classify traffic in real-time and provide granular information about network activities supporting an extensive range of protocols and providing detailed traffic visibility to network equipment, telecom solutions, and cybersecurity software. E

With 75% market share, ENEA Qosmos technology is the de facto industry standard for embedded Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) and Traffic Intelligence in cybersecurity and networking.

These products enhance solutions with real-time information on traffic flows including applications, services, content, users, and transactions. They also enable the identification and classification of encrypted and evasive traffic.

Leveraging cybersecurity expertise and industry experience, ENEA strengthened the portfolio of adaptable, accurate, and intelligence-driven messaging and signaling security solutions to cater to the unique and evolving needs of customers.

Inbound Calls Automation



In the dynamically evolving world of aviation, Aéroports de Paris (ADP), catering to four major European airports, experienced an unprecedented surge in passenger numbers. This influx, combined with rising travel expectations, exerted immense pressure on ADP's customer service infrastructure. The challenges ranged from efficiently managing the ever-growing daily call volume of over 5,000, stemming from diverse reasons like flight schedules to professional inquiries, to the dire need for reducing the average wait time from its existing 4 minutes. Scaling adviser recruitment during peak periods and the inefficiency highlighted by a mere 11% call response rate further spotlighted the urgency. A balance between operational and customer service excellence became ADP’s primary focus, leading to their collaboration with AlloBrain.


• Handling High Call Volumes: With only 11% of the incoming calls being answered, the gap in efficient response became evident.

• Determining Call Priority: Deciphering between high and low-value calls to streamline them to the right resource, be it an automated solution or a human adviser, was paramount.

• Reduced Response Time: An enhancement in customer experience demanded a significant reduction in the prevailing average wait time.


• Rapid Pre-Qualification with AlloBot: AlloBot's prowess allowed all incoming calls to be instantly pre-qualified. An in-depth review of a month's call history revealed 60 distinct call reasons, subsequently grouped into coherent categories.

• Seamless Call Automation: AlloBot, equipped with intricate human language understanding, achieved:

• Full management of low-value calls.

• Efficient routing of high-priority calls to tele-advisors, who were now armed with comprehensive call context for expedited solutions.


AlloBrain initiated a meticulously planned setup phase:

• Call Analysis with AlloIntelligence: A 2-week intensive analysis of incoming calls distinguished call subjects, their recurrence, and volume. This detailed insight led to the creation of a model tailor-made for ADP’s specific language and needs.

• Automation Decision-making: The analysis paved the way to identify 43% of call topics (accounting for 65% of total call volume) as feasible for full automation.

• Callbot Training: Historical exchanges enriched the callbot with ADP’s unique lexicon. In tandem, a connection to a live knowledge base and ADP’s internal systems ensured real-time, pinpoint responses.

Key Results

• Impressive Call Automation: The integration of AlloBrain led to 60% of incoming calls being fully automated, enabling advisers to address more nuanced queries.

• Significant Reduction in Wait Times: The wait time experienced a sharp decline, from 4 minutes to a brisk 1 minute 20 seconds. AlloBot-addressed calls experienced virtually zero wait time, further amplifying the passenger experience.

In essence, AlloBrain's Callbot solutionwas a game-changer for Aéroports de Paris, orchestrating a seamless blend of modern automation and human touch.

This synergy amplified operational efficacy and heralded a transformative era of heightened passenger satisfaction.

Customer Service Optimization


Schneider Electric is a French multinational leader in the field of digital automation and energy management. Offering solutions for homes, buildings, data centers, infrastructures, and industries, Schneider Electric combines energy technologies, real-time automation, software, and services to provide innovative and sustainable solutions to its clients.


With dozens of product ranges in several countries, Schneider Electric generates 200,000+ emails and support tickets each year. These requests, coming from various customers such as individuals, electricians, engineering offices, or contractors, relate to various problems such as product connection or compatibility, or understanding of the manual. Processing these requests is time-consuming and involves several levels of intervention, mobilizing many internal resources. In addition, manual analysis of these emails and tickets does not allow for the full exploitation of information to improve products and customer service.


Schneider Electric has decided to equip itself with the AlloIntelligence solution. Multilingual, the solution automatically retrieves and analyzes support emails and tickets from more than 20 countries. Thanks to our semantic analysis technology, the problems encountered are identified in great detail and categorized. Each product and support team is notified in real-time when feedback concerns their area, and tasks are automatically assigned according to the urgency of the request. In addition, an assistant for responding to similar requests allows support teams to save time in their daily work.


The implementation of AlloIntelligence at Schneider Electric has resulted in significant results in terms of optimizing customer service and improving products:

• The time required to identify problems on a product range has decreased from 7 days to 1 day, allowing for increased responsiveness and anticipation.

• Support teams have gained between 5 and 10 minutes per email/ticket processed thanks to the response assistant, improving their efficiency and satisfaction.

• The number of Salesforce tickets has decreased by 15% on the most frequent topics, demonstrating a better understanding of the problems encountered and the improvements made to products.

The collaboration between Schneider Electric and AlloBrain perfectly illustrates how a semantic analysis solution can transform the challenges related to unstructured data management into opportunities for improvement and growth. The results obtained demonstrate the effectiveness of our solution and its ability to adapt to the specific needs of a leading company in its field.

Customer Interaction Optimization



Club Med, an internationally renowned travel and tourism operator with a presence in over 30 countries, serves more than 800,000 clients annually through their extensive network of over 10,000 sellers. Handling nearly two million calls every year alongside countless interactions over various channels, the company faced a unique challenge: maintaining top-notch customer experience at scale. Club Med's commitment to elevating customer interactions led to a partnership with AlloBrain, a leader in tech-based solutions specializing in real-time assistance and AI analytics.


In a digital age where immediacy and precision are paramount, Club Med’s vast array of customer interactions – from voice calls to WhatsApp exchanges – needed an efficient monitoring system. The primary challenges faced included:

• Analyzing vast quantities of client interactions to gain actionable insights.

• Enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of their Travel Experience Designers (TEDs) during customer calls.

• Streamlining the process for TEDs to access vital information in real-time, ensuring a smooth customer experience.


Enter AlloBrain. By offering a three-pronged approach, AlloBrain's solutions seamlessly integrated into Club Med's operational framework.

• Deep Data Analysis: AlloBrain’s AI solution meticulously analyzed every customer interaction, from calls to WhatsApp exchanges. This not only provided valuable insights into conversation themes but also identified missed sales opportunities.

• Quality Monitoring and Coaching: Leveraging AlloBrain's AI, Club Med now monitors 100% of its calls, providing quality scores based on customized criteria. The result? A 40% reduction in quality control time, allowing supervisors to focus more on coaching. With AI-generated coaching plans, each agent receives tailored guidance, enhancing performance.

• AlloBrain Live Assistant & Smart Bot: Serving as a digital companion, AlloBrain's Live Assistant supports TEDs during calls, ensuring compliance, script adherence, and rapid information retrieval. Furthermore, the Smart Bot empowers agents to fetch resort-specific data 60% faster, creating an efficient and enhanced customer interaction.