In an ideal world, new technology would find its way to the people who need it most. International Gateway is making this happen every day in Africa, the Middle East, the Balkan States and the CIS countries based on a unique approach in the Chain of Supply and International Marketing using multi-cultural business knowledge and in-depth technical expertise facilitating efficient information technology transfer to the regions set for growth.

Mission Statement

International Gateway “IG” is a multi-discipline organization specialized in Information and Communications Technologies operating throughout the Gulf Region, Levant, The Balkan Countries, North, West and East Africa and CIS Countries.

International Gateway years of experience resulted in becoming a Supplier of Choice fulfilling Small, Medium and Large Corporations Requirements.

Our Values

International Gateway is both a corporate and personal commitment to Success. Interactions with customers, vendors, suppliers, shareholders and employees are conducted with integrity and mutual respect. International Gateway Winning Spirit makes the difference! Teaming, Positive Thinking and Responsibility of Ownership are our assets to serve best. In other words, our values can be summarized as follows:

   ●  Adapting to Changes
   ●  Cost-Effective Solutions
   ●  A Business Commitment
   ●  Trust and Transparency
   ●  Winning by Teaming Spirit

As Technologies are evolving fast, International Gateway invests in the development of employees and provides a professional, challenging and rewarding environment.

Technology Commitment

International Gateway is committed to improve the range of services and products, and to transfer the knowledge to our partners’ and customers’ by tailoring/designing end-to-end solutions that is Agile, Resilient, Efficient, Scalable, and Sustainable:

● Resilient, with a high level of availability and various options of system available.

● Efficient, through nationally unified processes that align people and technology in the most optimum way.

● Scalable, in technology, people and processes to meet future increased demand – modular in every aspect of products and the solutions.

● Agile, in order to address complex operational scenarios, enable our customers’ to continuously improve its operations, and to embody emerging technologies and approaches.