Network Optimization Solutions

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Broadband Wireless Radios

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Aggregation & Transmission Equipment

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    • IP and TDM Aggregation

VoLTE, VoWi-Fi and SS7 Signaling

Voice over Long-Term Evolution "VoLTE"

Voice over LTE provides drastic cost savings and enables new services such as video calling, multi device, single number and multimedia sharing services across mobile broadband devices. Voice over LTE (VoLTE) empowers 4G LTE operators to offer rich voice, video and messaging services as a core offering.

Transformation of circuit-switched networks that carry voice to all-IP 4G LTE networks will realize cost advantages and recover inefficient spectrum for additional data capacity. With 4G, LTE operators can leverage service ubiquity, access mobility, global interoperability and universal user identity of phone numbers to enable continued monetization of voice and messaging. These fundamental values help mobile operators compete against the OTT web-based service providers and establish an environment where new user experiences can be offered to any generation of mobile devices.

Voice over WI-FI “VoWI-FI”

Mobile operators are increasingly relying on Wi-Fi as a means to offload congested cellular networks. While offloading broadband data services typically has the most impact, moving voice traffic to Wi-Fi can yield a significant benefit.

Mavenir's core network infrastructure delivers both Wi-Fi Calling and Messaging as well as VoLTE with advanced messaging.

Whether a subscriber is connected to the cellular network directly, or connected to Wi-Fi, the Mavenir Telephony Application Server delivers the same call features to the user. Deploying Mavenir's Wi-Fi Calling solution gives operators the opportunity to bring new IP services to market and monetize their IMS investment sooner.

SS7 Signaling Security

Detects and blocks DOS attacks, privacy invasion, identify theft and fraud to secure the CSP's network, their subscribers and their service revenues.

Network signaling is essential: it is the communication between the individual components of the network that enable the network to operate and to deliver services and it is the interaction between networks that is necessary to enable roaming and to enable calls and messages to go from the originator in one network to a correspondent in another network.

However, vulnerabilities are known to exist in all three main signaling protocols - SS7, Diameter and SIP - and exploits of these vulnerabilities have already been observed.

Based on decades of experience of developing and deploying our own signaling stacks and networks elements that use them, Mavenir's SS7, Diameter and SIP signaling solutions protect the network against:

• Denial of service attacks targeting whole networks, or specific individuals;

• Privacy Invasion such as location tracking and interception of and/or eaves-dropping on calls or messaging;

• Identity theft leading to fraudulent service use, including fraudulent access to other (non-operator) services such as online banking;

• Fraud including bypass of charging for service use and network-network fraud.

Mavenir's SS7, Diameter and SIP Signaling Firewalls enable Mobile Network Operators and Telecom Regulators to secure and protect the network, the services delivered and the subscribers that use them.

Personalization & Secured Documents at the Point of Issuance 

Troy Group enables printing Non-Fraudulent Documents using various types of techniques including Micro-Printing, Watermarks, UV Toners and Indelible Ink. This approach is shifting the Secured Documents from a Centralized Approach to personalization and printing non-Fraudulent Documents at the point of issuance where and whenever required!

The Software and Accessories are supplied by Troy, company formed in 1963 with a solid track record and is the only company having accessories such as Ink and Toners certified and supported by HP Worldwide!