Our Partners

Mavenir headquartered in Richardson, Texas, USA is focused on accelerating Software Network Transformation by offering a comprehensive end-to-end product portfolio across every layer of the network infrastructure stack.

Mavenir leads the way in Compulsory Phone Registration, Voice over LTE, Voice over Wi-Fi, SS7 Signaling Vulnerability, Rich Communications Services and Cloud Open Radio Access Network to name only few.

For information, Mavenir serves more than 250 Operators Customers in 140 Countries including the Top 17 of the 20 Tier1 Worldwide Mobile Network Operators. 

Since its inception in 1963, Troy Group is a worldwide leader in Secured Checks and Documents and is now leading Secured Documents at the point of issuance. Troy Group enables printing Non-Fraudulent Documents using various types of techniques including Micro-Printing, Watermarks, UV Toners and Indelible Ink.

Troy Group shifted Secured Documents from a Centralized Approach to personalization printing non-fraudulent documents at the point of issuance wherever & whenever required!
Mara Systems. 

From SMS aggregator to
global CPaaS leader. Back in 2008, Sinch set out to transform customer communications to connect with their customers.

Through strategic acquisitions and fast organic growth, Sinch has turned into an international powerhouse serving enterprises across the globe and handling over 700 billion engagements per year. In fact, independent analysts say Sinch is the CPaaS Worldwide Leader! 

Mara Systems, a German company that understand the specific needs of the vertical markets.

From telecommunications, government and manufacturing to financial services, each industry has a unique set of requirements for security and high performance networks.

Mara Systems is a German Technology providing cost-effective, highly performant such as firewalling, load balancing, high performance caching, content filtering, SSL acceleration and other related functions.

Aa a Telco, Data Center or Service Provider, boost your ARPU & Retention with a Personal Cloud Storage for your subscribers.

CloudIKE is a software solution that enables mobile carriers, Data Center and Service Providers to offer a Personal Cloud Storage service to customers.

The Storage Service is somehow a sticky service as it would harder for a subscriber to churn keeping his data in Cloud provided by the Telco, the Data Center or the Service Provider,

The Storage Service can be set up to 50% better pricing in comparison with OTT players (Google, DropBox) with a seamless activation and payment via Self Service app and bill using phone balance. 

Brand your Phone Calls effortlessly. Restore trust between you and your customers by delivering customized call displays and eliminating unknown numbers. Generate more revenue, boost your efficiency, improve customer loyalty, and more with branded calling from First Orion.

Trust is so important to the business and according to First Orion’s survey 90% of people said it’s “extremely” or “very” important that a call from their service provider is clearly identified. 

The Value Booster from GU Group, is Zero Cash Flow, Zero Risk for the Mobile Operator. The main service objectives are to decrease churn, increase ARPU, increase Mobile Money Usage, dramatically improve the Telco branding and enhance the Telco Self-Care usage with a simple message: “Operator thanks you for being a Subscriber ... Anything you do … Rewards you with Points for Huge Prizes”.

Value Booster immune to external and internal parameters proved delivering more than 10% of ARPU increase on 40% Opt-In of the Subscribers’ base over a three months period.

Upon Customer Opt-in, the latter will be rewarded with points to increase his chance to win big prizes while promoted actions give bonus points. Unlike Mega Promos, Value Booster is a Free Service to the Subscriber. 

Nowadays businesses are constantly connected. This connectivity is part of a Business success but, also increases exposure to all sorts of attacks. Shelt is an award-winning team protecting businesses from cybersecurity threats for several years.

SHELT has a Security Operation Center “SOC” with Technical & Commercial Cybersecurity Experts and Industry Certification Specialists. Furthermore, Shelt provides Diversified Cybersecurity Advisory Services, has an Industry focused approach and delivers a Global Threat Intelligence Coverage. 

Since 1968. ENEA has always been solving customers’ problems with innovative solutions. With 75% market share, Enea Qosmos technology is the de facto industry standard for embedded Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) and Traffic Intelligence in cybersecurity and networking.

ENEA deep packet inspection and traffic intelligence products classify traffic in real-time and provide granular information about network activities supporting an extensive range of protocols and provide detailed traffic visibility to network equipment, telecom solutions, and cybersecurity software. 

Due to increased demand on infrastructure, telcos have to invest more into their infrastructure and due to OTT solutions like WhatsApp, Skype, Messenger, subscribers pay no rent to telcos.

For instance, Tech giants like Google and Facebook have access to a wealth of data and are monetizing it through advertising. Only in 2020 Facebook has generated $84.2billion ad revenue and Google has generated $131.9billion.

Intent.ai is he most precise and privacy-respectful ad targeting platform and cooperating with Intent.ai will serve as a new revenue stream for Telcos, who have been struggling to monetize their data. 

The Avigilon portfolio of fixed video, advanced analytics and smart access control systems are part of Motorola Solutions’ mission-critical ecosystem designed for public safety and enterprise security.

Avigilon solutions help you find and share critical intelligence faster, so you can respond to events with the speed and decisiveness that keeps people, operations and assets safe. 

AlloReview enriches your CRM by enabling the creation of more effective campaigns and boosts your e-reputation and through real-time analysis, companies leverage positive feedback and engage with your unsatisfied customers.

AlloIntelligence using Artificial Intelligence will allow you to get the most out of your Customer Conversations by exploiting, monitoring and automating every conversation leading to a Quality Assurance Control.

AlloBot using Artificial Intelligence will allow you to get the most out of your Contact Center by automating the answer of your calls with callbot answering your customers' calls using the most advanced conversational AI. Seamlessly integrated into your Website or Help Desk software, AlloBot Smart Assistant automates responses to your customers' requests.