A Ministry of Defense Challenge:

The Ministry of Defense has numerous suppliers, multitude of Applications and a proliferation of data. Data Mining is complex and is often vendor centric.

International Gateway Partner’s AI platform is suppliers and Applications Agnostic enabling proven, smooth, prompt and efficient data mining.

International Gateway’s Partner AI platform improves Asset Readiness, optimize fleet maintenance, increase aircraft availability, and minimize downtime.

The Predictive Analytics and Decision Assistant toolkit identifies aircraft systems and components at risk of failure, provides evidence for the need for proactive maintenance, and ensures availability of the right parts at the right place at the right time for maintenance.

Warfighting resiliency depends on reallocating supply chain storage and missions when adversaries impact transportation facilities.

International Gateway’s Partner AI platform enables developing an application that fuses logistics and intelligence data and recommends strategic options to recover supply chain losses in the area of operations.

Rapid and effective planning cycles between joint warfighting functions requires logisticians and planners to quickly measure courses of action.

International Gateway’s Partner AI platform enables developing a logistics supportability application that ingests supply data, joint doctrine, and operational courses of actions (COAs) to provide a visibility and assessment tool for joint planners forecasting COA feasibility.

A Mobile Operator Challenge:

 The Mobile Operators have numerous suppliers, multitude of Applications and a proliferation of data. Data Mining is complex and is often vendor centric.

International Gateway Partner’s AI platform is suppliers and Applications Agnostic enabling proven, smooth, prompt and efficient data mining.

International Gateway Partner’s AI platform improves Customer Mix and Reduce Operating Costs helping telecom organizations use data-driven predictive insights to offer the right products to the right customers at the right time.

• Leverage AI/machine learning to enable the proactive identification of customers at risk of churning, targeted cross-sell and up-sell opportunities for existing customers, and a shift to proactive vs. reactive after-sale services.

• Aggregate petabyte-scale data from sensors, devices, enterprise systems, and operational systems to generate accurate predictions of asset failure. AI reliability provides planners and operators with comprehensive insight into asset risk, enabling them to maintain higher levels of asset availability, deliver high-quality network services, and reduce maintenance costs.

• Ensure the operational health and optimal deployment of IoT sensor devices with machine learning. AI Sensor Health uses advanced AI/machine learning to predict sensor failures and identify sensor and network health issues with a high degree of precision.

• Reduce energy costs and improve building operations through real-time tracking, analytics, and optimization. AI Energy Management uses machine learning techniques to enable accurate forecasting, benchmarking, demand response, and anomaly detection to lower costs, improve operations, and meet energy-efficiency goals.

• Reduce inventory holding costs and improve cash flow and parts supply chain visibility. AI Inventory Optimization applies advanced machine learning to analyze variability in demand, supplier delivery times, and quality issues to build real-time recommendations and monitoring, so users can set optimization by confidence level and receive real-time notifications and root-cause analysis.

International Gateway Partner’s AI platform is versatile and delivers many use cases among which:

• Pricing & Promotion Analytics Drive sales by identifying the most relevant price and promotional offers for each customer.

• Workforce Productivity Improve customer experience while reducing operational costs with AI-enabled field-staff scheduling.

• Capital Asset Planning Reduce Wasted Capex using data-based analysis of current usage and AI-model-driven demand forecasts.

International Gateway’s Technology Partner AI Platform is a purpose-built platform for developing and operating AI applications that address industry and company-specific use cases. It offers a cohesive, low-code/no-code development environment with a complete and comprehensive set of tools and services to design, build, deploy, and operate advanced, enterprise-scale AI applications.

A Ministry of Interior Challenge:

The Ministry of Defense has numerous suppliers, multitude of Applications and a proliferation of data. Data Mining is complex and is often vendor centric.

International Gateway Partner’s AI platform is suppliers and Applications Agnostic enabling proven, smooth, prompt and efficient data mining.

International Gateway’s Partner AI platform improves Readiness, Efficiency, Synchronization, Monitoring and resources affectation and availability.

The Predictive Analytics and Decision Assistant provides toolkits to improve the management of the numerous tasks while identifying and highlighting multitude risks including potential terrorist acts and ensure dispatching the right resources.

Promptness and resiliency depends on allocating resources and assigning missions when private of public troubles occur.

International Gateway’s Partner AI platform enables developing an application that fuses valuable parameters and intelligence data and recommends strategic options to properly address issues throughout the operations.

Rapid and effective planning cycles between troubles and resources requires logisticians and planners to quickly measure courses of action.

International Gateway’s Partner AI platform enables developing a supportability application that ingests issues, predictive measures and operational courses of actions (COAs) to provide a visibility and assessment tool for joint planners forecasting COA feasibility.


A Healthcare Challenge

Particularly hospitals are subject to dramatic increase in the prevalence of opioid dependence among members, leading to increased costs associated with treatment and lost productivity.

To reduce costs and provide targeted care to members, the health care internal data science team utilize claims data to design and develop a classification machine learning model that can identify risk of opioid dependence for each member.

Often, the classifier is developed as part of an on-premise solution on an internal cloud and leveraged an existing internal data lake.

However, the technical hurdles to develop and operationalize large-scale machine learning applications presents multiple challenges.

To address the challenges associated with the enterprise-wide application of the company’s risk classification tool to millions of members, International Gateway’s Technical Partner designed and developed an AI Patient Risk application on the AI Platform classifying patients based on their risk levels for developing long-term opioid dependence, enabling the hospital to customize preventative and targeted treatments to patients at the highest risk.

Financial Institution Challenge

International Gateway’s AI Partner is used by some of the world’s largest organizations — including Shell, Bank of America, the U.S. Air Force, Koch Industries, LyondellBasell, ENGIE, Cargill, Baker Hughes, Philips, SWIFT, and others — to solve previously unsolvable problems addressing and delivering complex, AI-based use cases in financial services with robust results in record time – including in the areas of anti-money laundering, customer churn, credit origination, and securities lending. Some results from prior work using our Partner’s AI software include:

• Anti-money laundering: 85% reduction in false positive alerts and enabling near real-time anomalous behavior activity monitoring for a large bank

• Customer churn: 50% of deposit reductions predicted, enabling a global bank to take early action to retain deposits

• Credit origination: 75% reduction in manually reviewed applications, leading to 30% reduction in time-to-decision for a large bank

• Securities lending: 98% reduction in manual approvals, allowing a global bank to improve time-to-decision and drive revenue

International Gateway’s AI’s platform offers a proven, tested, and trusted set of capabilities deployed at global enterprise scale for some of the world’s largest organizations.

An Energy Provider Challenge

A global energy company partnered with International Gateway’s AI Partner to fuel its AI-led digital transformation strategy.

As part of the broader program, the company deployed the AI Energy Management in a major European market to enable large municipal and commercial customers to analyze energy consumption and reduce energy expenditure.

Using development tooling and services available on the AI Platform, the company configured AI Energy Management with custom analytics, data integrations, and complex asset hierarchies for their customers.

Force to note that International Gateway’s AI Partners’ Platform provides over 40 turnkey Enterprise AI applications that meet the business-critical needs of global enterprises in manufacturing, financial services, government, utilities, oil and gas, chemicals, agribusiness, defense and intelligence, and more.



● Improving the Food Delivery Experience

Food delivery services are now a mainstay in the dining experience. Everywhere you look now, there’s an app built specifically to deliver food straight to the customer’s door.

While food delivery is prospering, the customer experience is suffering largely due to miscommunication.

Establishing better communication for both parties is needed to improve the food industry experience altogether.

● There’s No App for That …

Mobile apps are convenient, and most food delivery services use an app to keep consumers up to date on their delivery, who’s driving, and what time to expect their food. But apps have their limitations.

What happens when there’s an issue with an order? Just one slip-up, and it creates a negative experience for the customer.

● Nearly 79% of people reported needing customer service over a delivery issue.

Some of the reasons people required Customer Service:

     ● Late Delivery
     ● Incorrect Order
     ● Poor Food Quality
     ● Food not Delivered
     ● Driver required Help

To get the best experience, customers need improved, direct communication from the restaurant or delivery service.

Sending a message through the mobile app can get missed or the customer may be unresponsive.

Regardless of who’s at fault, there are more immediate, more effective forms of communication.

● Food For Thought

It can be difficult to provide customers with the best experience when bad communication comes to play.

More than 3 in 5 people said they missed a call from their driver because it wasn’t identified properly.

"One customer’s experience:"

“I forgot to change the delivery address after I moved. The driver called me several times, but I didn’t answer since there are too many scam calls every day. Then the driver contacted me from his delivery platform customer service. I told the customer my new address, so the delivery took much longer than I expected.”

One bad delivery experience can cost a service their customers. Over two-thirds of consumers would switch to a service that properly identified themselves on outbound calls.

● Delivering a Solution

To ensure an answer from customers, food delivery services can brand their calls.

With First Orion’s Branded Communication solutions, your business can properly identify itself, letting customers know who’s on the line, and giving people a reason to answer their phones again.

Inform branded text display features a customizable 32-character message while Engage is a graphics-based, content-rich display, allowing companies to deliver name, numbers, logo, and colors right to their clients.


Branded calling is a fantastic benefit to businesses in a variety of ways, but one area never gone deep into is the positive return on investment, or ROI, that branded phone calls provide.

Let’s start with the financial return.

●Branded Calling Reduces Costs and Improves Efficiency

For industries that make hundreds and thousands of calls a day as financial institutions, insurances, healthcare, delivery services, any amount of missed calls can quickly add up …

When a form-to-call request is made on a website, the customer inputting their information expects to receive a phone call.

However, oftentimes what happens is that businesses are calling from unknown numbers. This leads customers to decline calls more often because they don’t know who’s calling.

However, by branding a call with a product like INFORM® from First Orion, the business’s name and information are properly identified, leading to fewer missed calls and a great improvement to a business’s ROI and call efficiency.

For an industry like insurance, every missed form-to-call request is a hit to the bottom line.

If a large online insurance provider receives 10,000 form-to-call requests per month at an average profit of $50 per successful call, yet 1,000 of those requests go unanswered, that’s $50,000 in lost revenue per month.

●Branded Calling Increases Customer Trust and Loyalty

Obviously, revenue is important to every business. But for some businesses, revenue isn’t the only metric to measure successful ROI.

For many in the retail industry, Brand Loyalty and Customer Trust are just as important as the money that they bring in.

And if it’s a time-sensitive delivery, such as food or a frozen item, a missed delivery can result in the inventory being scrapped, lost, or wasted altogether.

Missed deliveries or ruined inventory can result in a major hit to how customers feel about your brand.

A branded call, however, lets customers know it’s your brand attempting to make contact and can result in more successful call interactions.

When you make connections with customers, you’re increasing the trust between you and them, all while increasing the chances they’ll stick around and continue to purchase products from you rather than another competing business.

●Branded Calling Enhances Brand Awareness and Reputation

Finally, ROI can be measured in how aware clients are of your brand, and where your Brand Reputation sits in the marketplace.

Consider the importance of a connected call between healthcare providers and their patients.

Healthcare providers contact customers for a number of reasons from appointment reminders and scheduling changes to vital communication like test results and outstanding account balances.

For some patients, a missed call can be the difference between getting the care they need and an adverse effect on their health.

Your brand reputation is on the line whenever you repeatedly fail to connect with clients who depend on reliable communication.


Majority of customers say they’ve declined calls from a retail brand because they didn’t recognize the number.

Ensure your customers get the superior service and quality call experience they expect with branded calling from First Orion

First Orion Inform and Engage offering enables to connect with your customers at the right time and enhance your brand reputation by means of:

     ● Delivery Reminders Notify customers and confirm delivery schedules

     ● Account Servicing Reach customers faster about outstanding payments

     ● Customer Support Offer better customer support and get quicker solutions

     ● Pickup Reminders Reach out with updates regarding ready-to-pickup items

     ● Reward Program Outreach Provide personalized experience with VIP customers

     ● Customer Satisfaction Surveys assess your customers experience with your brand

     ● Branded Calling Increases Customer Trust and Loyalty

For many in the retail industry, Brand Loyalty and Customer Trust are just as important as the money that they bring in.

For retail stores that operate their own deliveries, a missed call can mean a missed delivery attempt.

Delivery drivers who are unable to complete a delivery have to wait to try again or reroute their attempts, which can result in increased costs from wasted labor hours.


● How’s your brand reputation these days – good, bad, somewhere in the middle?

Your brand reputation is essential no matter what industry you’re in, but it’s paramount to success if you’re in the hospitality industry.

And for your customers, you can guarantee it’s on their shortlist of important factors when choosing whom to trust with travel plans.

So, with that in mind, how are you protecting your brand reputation? Are scammers taking advantage of your customers and ruining your rapport?

Let’s look at some ways your reputation can be tarnished and what you can do to stop scammers from harming it further.

●You SHOULD Give a Damn ‘About Your Bad Reputation

Some people can get away with not caring about their reputation, but as a hospitality business, you can’t.

Your brand reputation, including the customer experience clients receive when choosing you over the competition, has a ripple effect that can impact more than one area of your business.

● Damaged Customer Trust

Scammers are bombarding peoples’ phones daily, calling from unknown numbers and spoofing your branding to make it seem like it’s you on the other side!

All of that scamming adds up to one thing – damaged customer trust. If customers can’t trust that it’s you on the other end, why would they answer your calls?

● Negative Brand Perception

When customers don’t trust you anymore, it can significantly impact their perception of your brand.

Suddenly, instead of seeing your name and logo and associating it with positive feelings, customers will perceive your brand as toxic, leading only to negative experiences and wasted money.

And if scammers are spoofing your brand, you can forget about ever being the top choice again.

● Increased Regulatory Scrutiny

What happens when phone scammers repeatedly target your business? You lose trust and damage your reputation, but you also attract the attention of regulators if they see your brand as a threat to consumers. This can lead to pricey fines, penalties, or even legal action.

● Financial Loss

A phone scammer’s primary goal is to harm your customers financially and, 1 of 5 people reported that they’ve lost money to a scammer.

But it’s not just your customers who lose out to scammers; your business is also at risk of hurting financially.

When customers hear from friends, family, or online reviewers that your brand is harmful and has a negative reputation, they’ll stop spending their travel funds on you and flock to your competition.

● Brand Reputation Makeover: Hospitality Edition

So, now you know how a bad reputation can damage your business, even beyond a customer’s perception of you. But what are the next steps? How do you improve your reputation and prove to customers that when you call them, it’s really you?

Solution: Branded Calling from First Orion

First Orion’s branded calling solution that allows any business to brand their outbound phone calls with the name of their business, the reason for calling, and even the department making the call.


When patients need clear communication, a branded calling solution is the perfect remedy.

Telehealthcare has changed how people receive care, opening up doors for medical professionals to use phone calls, messaging apps, and video technology to provide lifesaving medical services.

The Problem is that when patients request an appointment via phone, they expect to easily connect with their primary care provider and receive the medical services they need.

However, even after requesting a phone call, patients failed to answer their phones because they didn’t recognize the number of the business attempting to contact them.

The Solution is First Orion, where the business will dramatically improve the engagement rate rise and there will be a boost in successful resolutions.


A Financial Institution deserves top-tier communication as trust is so important to the business and according to First Orion’s survey of financial service clients, 90% of people said it’s “extremely” or “very” important that a call from their financial institution is clearly identified.

A problem is when a mortgage lender struggle to reach potential customers who filled out online loan applications

When customers fill out an online application, lending agents call them to gather more information about the potential clients’ loan needs.

However, even though customers provided consent to be contacted and had expressed interest in the mortgage lender’s offerings, many of their outbound calls went unanswered. Calls were going through, but when customers saw an unknown number on their phones, they assumed the call was a scam and didn’t pick up.

The Solution is First Orion where the financial institution will have almost immediately positive results leading to an increase increase in engagement rate, a lift in calls answered, and a decrease in hang-ups from frustrated customers.


In order to scale revenue, online insurance platforms need to sell policies quickly. People need insurance, for everything. Life, health, auto, home – you name it. But if insurance providers can’t quickly sell policies to engaged customers, they waste time and revenue opportunities.

The Problem is that Insurances use a form-to-call method on their website where customers can request a phone call to receive more information about policies. However, when agents called customers, prospects would not engage with the unknown call – meaning Insurance struggles to close deals and sell policies.

The Solution is First Orion, customers are able to identify the insurance and are most likely to engage with the Insurance agent resulting in boosting their long call duration rate and consequently selling more policies.

First Orion through Inform and Engage offerings delivers mobile communication solutions that enable businesses or agencies to identify who they are and why they’re calling on your incoming call screen.

Inform branded text display features a customizable 32-character message while Engage is a graphics-based, content-rich display, allowing companies to deliver name, numbers, logo, and colors right to their audience.


A Metro-Scale Video Surveillance Challenge:

Video Surveillance is transforming way organizations, Mobile Operators, Internet Service Providers, municipalities and institutions are protecting their property, personnel and proprietary assets.

International Gateway Solution to Metro-Scale Video Surveillance Challenge

International Gateway’s proven Video Surveillance Solutions enables safety and security quickly and affordably.

Video cameras can be connected wirelessly delivering a cost-effective alternative while increasing safety and extending the visual reach through cloud storage.


Using Avigilon’s next-generation security suite, International Gateway provides a complete, end-to-end cloud-based security solution that future-proofs your video security and access control with innovative capabilities and intelligent analytics.

Using Avigilon’s technology, discover the potential of Artificial Intelligence “AI” video analytics and video management software to detect anomalies, automate investigations and boost operational efficiency.


Troy Group, an International Gateway partner allows small and medium size businesses, large enterprises and governmental organizations to streamline workflow while managing fraud and operational risk.

TROY Software:

TROY offers a comprehensive suite of enterprise software applications that offers cost effective and flexible methods for adding fraud prevention features for personalization of any printed document using stand alone or network printers. Customer will be able to create, scan or design a security document, on demand, including dozens of TROY’s patented security features and manage those documents.  TROY’s Software solutions are ideal for protecting any high value document known to be at risk for fraud including identity documents, legal contracts, educational transcripts and records, vehicle and equipment titles, real estate deeds, government issued certificates, and more.

TROY Toners & Ink:

TROY manufactures a wide array of special patented security toners and inks that offer an additional layer of security that makes any document fraud free.


Google has recently adopted the RCS standard and it will be built into its new google phone and enabled on all devices that use Google Chrome (IPhone, Ipad, Desktop, Mac, PC…)

This means that the user will have to register with Google to get RCS service and not with his carrier if his carrier does not offer RCS. Google will also offer Numbering in main markets....

Market is heading towards single number per many devices using RCS or multi-numbers per single device. T-Mobile USA is already offering the latter services.

Mobile Network Operators are complaining how Facebook and WhatsApp are exploiting their networks without paying them any revenues. Now Google will take away their customers as well if not already registered with the Mobile Network Operator for RCS service!

Mobile Operators Challenges:

● Large IMS Core Investment Required
● Handset Manufacturers don’t drive innovation.
● Regulatory Restrictions on Offering VoLTE/5G Services
● Maintain Relevance as a Provider for Voice, Video and Messaging.
● Evolve legacy Messaging & Voice Services & Deliver Innovative IP Services
● Offering Seamless connectivity for Subscribers in Different Territories within the same Operator Group.

Mobile Operators Benefits:

● RCS can be deployed in pre-IMS and IMS networks.
● Proven support for native RCS from device OEMs.
● Mature solution Launched by Several Operators.
● Reduce Churn & improve Subscriber Retention.
● Increase Mobile Network Operators ARPU.

Rich Communications Services at a Glance:

● Integrated Messaging Experience: One inbox and a single composer for SMS, MMS and Chat.
● Group Messaging: Group Chat and SMS Broadcast.
● Unlimited Sharing possibilities: Images, Video clips, Location, Stickers, Music, and more.
● HD Voice and Video Calls: IR.92 for Voice and IR.94 for Video.
● Enriched Calling experience: Call Composer, In-call service, Enriched call log.
● Multi-device: Smartphones, Tablets, PC, Web, TV and Smartwatches.
● Seamless Transition from SMS/CS-Voice to IP Communications, providing path to deliver rich communications over VoLTE across multiple platforms.
● RCS also enable video capabilities to support the launch of ViLTE.

Same Experience with any Device:

● Message synchronization
● Simultaneous Ringing
● Network Address Book
● Phone Number is the key Identity

Network Address Book:

● Organize and manage contacts across devices
● Contacts are available on all platforms.

Supported on:

● iOS
● Mac
● Android
● Windows
● Web Browsers


The Traditional and Current Providers of Central Equipment Identification Register referred to as “CEIR” have the following Features with Reporting:

● Stolen Handset
● IMSI to IMEI Locking
● GSMA IMEIDB Interface
● Cloned Handset Management

Crucial to notice that in addition to the above, the below are unique and additional features provided by Mavenir Compulsory Phone Registration “CPR” and Subscriber Management Platform “SMP”:

● Locking IMSI to IMEI to National ID
● Integration with the National ID database
● Smuggling Management for Revenue Protection
● Integration with Customs to Secure Taxation Revenues

Furthermore, Mavenir have also added features to allow operators to capitalize on the centralized IMEI -IMSI management by introducing Subscriber Credit Bureau as part of Subscriber Management

Platform enabling:

● Central Subscription Fraud Detection
● Integration with the Mobile Operators Billing System
● Creation of a Centralized Subscribers Credit Rating as part of Each Subscriber Profile

This will allow Mobile Operators to create Revenue Streams based on Customer Behavior across all Networks in Egypt rather than only assessing the Customer Behavior only on their Network without any associated risks of exposing any Private Network Data from Another Operator.

Major Benefits:

● Increased Time-to-Market, reduced Total Cost, Reduced Resistance from Operators, Reduce Resistance from Subscribers, Allow Subscribers to bring Devices they purchase Abroad.
● Enable grace-periods for users with local SIMs before a non-registered device is barred from being used on the national Mobile Networks.
● Eliminate the use of grey-imports / smuggled devices, enabling a Fair Competition environment for Mobile Device Sales, including Operators.
● Enable a country-wide limitation on the number of SIMs registered under the same National ID – across all operators.
● Increased confidence (e.g. for the Security authorities) in the ‘correct’ user being registered.
● Enable Country-wide pairing of MSISDN and Device with eliminates Mobile device theft value within the country, leading to reduced crime.
● Provide the option to apply Device registration requirements also on inbound roamers.
● Integrate to GSMA’s global IMEI-DB contributing with the national efforts on reducing the use of stolen devices to an international level / eliminate handset registered as stolen in other countries from being used.
● Provides value-add to Operators in case the Subscriber Profiling / Subscriber Credit Worthiness Bureau module is considered, mobbing the solution’s perception by Operators’ from a ‘Compliance’ to a ‘Business Value’ category.
● Establish a country-wide Subscriber Credit ranking system which all Operators can tap into and take advantage of, preventing fraudulent subscriber to move from one Operator to the next.

Smooth Integration:

Integrate with existing data pools rather than demanding significant changes to business existing processes:

● Subscriber registration (if done already by the Operators and trusted by the authorities) remains under the responsibility of the Operator.
● If Customs already monitor / maintains IMEIs of legally imported handsets, then this IT and Process environment can be tapped into rather than changing processes over.
● The integration for real-time triggers from the Mobile Networks requires only minor configuration changes at the Operators instead of major changes in processes and infrastructure.